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Blockchain- Everything's About to Change, Again...

Let's say you want to send me a list of your favorite Crayola colors: razzmatazz , magenta , and muavelous .  You might ask Google to send it to me from you using e-mail.  In this case, Google might say "you must use the gMail app, web application,  or some compliant e-mail client (ie. Outlook, etc.) to send Baber your message."  In this case, both you and I now have to comply with Google's rules in order to have that transaction.  More apprehensively, Google HAS A COPY of your list of favorite Crayola colors, forever .  But what if you could just send me your list directly, without any intermediary?  Almost like the good old days when you could just write your list on a piece of paper and hand it to me... There are plenty of terrific videos, articles, and podcasts about blockchain technology on the web, like this one from renowned technologist Don Tapscott.  However, like the first Bulletin Board Service (BBSs) were in the 1980s, blockchain technology is kind

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