My 7" Tablet Experience- Asus ME572c is awesome!

Not really being a heavy tablet user, it has not been easy to get me excited about the tablet space, but I was recently in the market for 7" tablets and the Asus ME572c has blown me away!  This is not really a technical review- Tablet News did a comprehensive video review if you really want a deep dive.  This blog entry covers five good tablets so please leave your comments.

It was my brothers birthday and he hinted that the Dell Venue 7 would make a nice gift.  After looking into it, he was right, it was a well-appointed device that usually had a $150 price tag that was on sale for $100, and since I was tired of my kids always creepin' on my other devices, I decided to get three of these.  When they came, I opened up one to play with it and had very low expectations as I began to notice that it went EVERYWHERE with me... it fit perfectly in my pocket!!  This was wonderful as I reduced my PC/laptop usage significantly.  In addition to it essentially mirroring my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in functionality it also had a "multiple users" mode which made it easy for me to set it up separate from my son's profile and logging in was quick and convenient.  Needless to say all three recipients loved their Dell Venue 7s, but I was left with little void in my heart!!

So as much as I liked the Venue, with it's 1.6 GHz Intel Atom dual-core processor, it was a little skimpy for me on the power side as I am constantly switching apps, so before ordering another I through I should research what was out there.  I quickly realized that the big boy manufacturers were all pulling out of this market!  I couldn't believe it as it seemed the only player left standing Samsungs flagship Galaxy line (which I know very well).  Even Google discontinued what seemed to be a highly-appreciated Nexus 7 (white-labeled by Asus), I decided to go for it anyway because Amazon offered me a $70 gift card through a promotion so it was easy to pull the trigger on a $125 price tag on a used Nexus 7 2012- how can you go wrong for $55!?!?!  But sadly I did, as though I loved the device itself, it's battery seemed to be shot so I ended up having to return it after falling in love with it- broke my heart as I would've gone for the 2013 version if I could get a new one, but they're simply not out there anymore.  So I kinda gave up on the whole thing and became despondent on the topic altogether...

The whole time, I had been looking at the bulky but powerful Amazon Fire HDX 7 at $200.  In addition to the price, I just had a hard time getting past the Mojito OS that was locked down by Android.  Even though jailbreaking it was an option, who has time anymore to do that!!  I was so devastated by my Nexus experience that I thought "why don't I just try it out" so I was driving by Best Buy when I decided to stop in on a whim and after once again looking at and rejecting the over-rated Samsung Galaxy Tab.  I asked for and got the last one in my hand at the register with a terrific sales guy when I asked, "is there anything else I should look at?"  He scratched his head and took me over to the cheapo section of the display case where low and behold: the Asus Memo Pad 7 ME572c...  within 5 seconds of looking at the spec sheet, I was amazed by its offerings: full HD display with a 1.8 Ghz Intel 64 bit quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM were too good to be true for a $150 price tag- I was right because looking online confirmed that the next best price was $235- this was NOT a cheapo tablet!!  The salesman did me a favor and located the very last one for me in the store... sorry I've not been a huge fan in the past, but thanks Best Buy!!

It wasn't till I got home that I realized that this thing seems to have been slated to be the NEXT version of Google's 7" line as it's spec essentially mirrored the Nexus 7!  Google actually jumped ship from the 7" market and went with Motorola to focus on the 6" and 9" form factors.  Big mistake in my opinion...  I haven't put this thing down since- it is a fantastic device and with the ZenUI interface, Asus's bloatware is actually pretty useful.  They even have one function that I've never seen before called "boost" which essentially clears the cache and memory of the device giving you the ability to free up resources on demand- it's performance is outstanding so this function would be much more useful on the Dell and other devices.  My only minor qualm is it's slightly pointed corners, but the ME572c's overall feel is as good as any other device.  I try not to call it the Memo Pad because Asus has a few other models out there with the same name- Asus has fantastic products (especially for techies) but their service and marketing departments haven't graduated from elementary school yet.

So if you like having a full-sized tablet in your pocket, look into the poorly-marketed rocketship called the Asus Memo Pad 7 ME572c.  If you can get to Best Buy before they figure it out, I say join me in picking up this outstanding little Android device.


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